Adding Tensorflow module to Fusion 360

Well, you are finally going to start training neural networks within Autodesk Fusion 360. Let’s start doing this using Tensorflow.

Create script or add-in

This is quite straightforward operation. Go to “Scripts and Add-ins…”

Create new script:

Install Tensorflow module

To install Tensorflow we may¬†create a child folder under our script’s folder to store 3rd party modules.

Usually they are located under located in ..\Python\Lib\site-packages\ folder.

To install Tensorflow in newly created location we need:

  1. Already installed Python (better latest, e.g. 3.6)
  2. Command prompt with administrator privileges
  3. Run following command (but set your own path in it):

Make sure that target path has no trailing slash. This command will install all dependencies of Tensorflow in this folder too.

Check the results

To perform check we just need to import our Tensorflow module from selected location.

Go to Scripts and Add-ins… again, select your script and click Edit. Replace default code with following one:

Execute application (e.g. using F5 key). Successful run will look like this (one more empty line in console appears):

Play more

Now you can play witn MNIST For ML Beginners tutorial. Final implementation in Fusion 360 provided below:

In Fusion 360 you should get following message box, that displays the accuracy of the trained network:

If in console you are getting errors with something like “Timeout, blah-blah-blah”, please make sure that¬†Yann LeCun’s website¬†is available now.

For further information about installing 3rd party modules please check Fusion 360: Install 3rd Modules of Python article.

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