‚ôŅ¬†People with disabilities People with disabilities or limited¬†abilities now will¬†have more comfort in engineering and other fields. Visual impairment Using Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech allows to build new interfaces for the persons who can see bad or not see at all. CAD software naturally is suggested to be mostly visual-interaction software. […]

Use cases for the Natural Language processing and the Speech ...

Machine learning becomes much¬†more widespread than before. So finally it’s time to implement it in computer aided design too. Possible applications The short list of possible applications of the artificial intelligence within the Mechanical Engineering and Architecture, Engineering, and Construction with the high-level descriptions is provided below. On some of […]

Applications of Machine Learning in CAD/PLM

Well, you are finally going to start training neural networks within Autodesk Fusion 360. Let’s start doing this using Tensorflow. Create script or add-in This is quite straightforward operation. Go to “Scripts and Add-ins…” Create new script: Install Tensorflow module To install Tensorflow we may¬†create a child folder under our […]

Adding Tensorflow module to Fusion 360

Problem formalization Computer aided design (CAD) programs are seems to be¬†the most conservative ones in the user interaction. Common workflow remains the same for many years: Call the command using command prompt or shortcut buttons Input parameters Check the result For next commands repeat all steps from scratch again Problem […]

Humanity in CAD. What’s next

Digital prototyping allows to make an abstract representation of design that don’t depends on particular materials, manufacturing process, etc. It allows to make a model that unites all main properties independent¬†from the manufacturing process. This was real revolution in design-evolutionary process. To check following things you don’t have to make […]

Digital engineering: the Missing Link