Project 🦊 Vulpix

This project is created to ease an interaction of engineers with their software, using Natural Language and Speech Recognition technologies.

♿ People with disabilities

People with disabilities or limited abilities now will have more comfort in engineering and other fields.

📱 Mobile devices with limited UI area

Limited space on the screens of mobile devices does not allow to perform comfortable interactions for engineering or data management.

💬 Hands-free

Keep your hands for much more important things 👐.

🗣️ Non-strict interactions

Don’t learn your CAD hard. Just say what you want to get.

💻 Command line interface

Every year one more command prompt in CAD/PDM dies.

👓 Virtual reality devices

Really limited area for hands-driven controllers ⌨️🖱️ easily expanded by speech-interactions.

🏧 POS terminals

Restricted and vandal-resistant interfaces.

🎦 Presentations

You don’t have to be chained to your computer or be limited just by recorded video.

🌐 Multilingual

Wide database of terms allows to change interaction language on a fly without updating of overall system.